Remote assistance

Looking for support?
Benefit from the expertise of our technicians.
The remote assistance provides serenity to your operators and speeds up the resolution of incidents.


machines and teams are a key efficiency factor in downtime management


and experienced technicians are there to support any operator in need

Multiple communication modes


Extremely convenient for a first contact, the telephone is an easy way to contact our team.


Communicating via emails is the most efficient way to share all key data such as machine serial numbers, parts references or photos. The information can be sent, collected and analysed at any time.


From the control desk, the chat functionality allows exchanges right at the machine, when a phone is often not operating in the plant.

*Available on connected machines.

360° assistance

All skills are available among our team of highly experienced technicians.Not only do they know the specifications of the Komori-Chambon machines. They also know how to handle your most demanding jobs.

Powerful assistance

From simple advice to remote control, our technicians will guide your operators following the appropriate processes and using the relevant tools.


The Komori-Chambon machines are designed for an easy operation. Yet there are many variables to consider for a perfect job. And there might be new members in your team who need assistance.

Video control

Your production line can be equipped with video cameras in order to allow the supervision of your processes and running jobs for the quickest and most efficient action.

Remote control

– Data capture, performance monitoring,
– Settings adjustment, debugging, programming,
A wide range of options is offered, in compliance with your Internet security protocol.


Recent machines feature preventive maintenance programs in their monitoring screens.
Our spare parts team can help you manage your maintenance in the best way.

Service management

For maximum flexibility, choose a service contract.
Our contracts include a time credit. When your operators ask for support, the time is simply deducted from your credit. You get a report for each intervention, without any administrative burden.