Hybrid printing

Choosing one printing process only is not an easy task

In a very stable context, when your production comprises very similar jobs with a fair level of complexity or when the substrate characteristics do not change a lot, you can go for one exclusive process.

But some designs are very demanding, with a combination of large colour patches, extremely detailed images, very precise texts and added value such as varnishes or foils. Sometimes you need to do reverse printing. More and more often, brands choose a recycled board because sustainability has become a key factor in the customers purchasing process.

In such cases, the answer will be found in hybrid printing solutions.

Adaptability is a major strength in business

Komori-Chambon offers all major printing processes: Offset, Flexo, Rotogravure.

We can combine them at will.

We can also include digital solutions for variable printing as well as other solutions such as hot or cold foil.

What makes the difference along the path towards your success is our ability to perfectly synchronize all steps of the production flow and keep the web tension under full control.