Liquid packaging


Market size and evolution

The beverages market is growing steadily worldwide, boosted by a healthy consumption trend including liquid dairy products, juices, isotonics and water. Topping 1500 billion units per year, it is expected to grow by 2% CAGR until 2021

Market segmentation

With over 300 billion units per year, the aseptic bricks represent a major stake. But the gable top market is growing, partly thanks to longer shelf capabilities. As regards the formats, some changes can be noticed as well. If the 1 liter and, to a lesser extent, the 2 liters sizes still stand for the biggest market volume, smaller contents down to 150 ml are increasing, answering a demand for on-the-go products.

Market legislation

Preserving the integrity of the product being a prerequisite, sustainability of packaging has become the biggest concern. And customers actually go faster than the legislative bodies. In a plastic ban context, cartonboard comes along with great opportunities.

Brands challenges

Marketing insights

Brands struggle with two major challenges: increasing their products shelf lives on the one hand, and standing out from the competitors on the other hand. The latter leading them to always look for new shapes, various caps or wider printable surfaces.

Besides, customers ask for more information about what they eat and drink.This drives brands to find new ways to inform them: smart packaging solutions allow a rich content yet keeping the design of the packaging clear and legible.

Production constraints

In highly competitive markets, brands try and attract customers with unique flavours and multiple product versions. The offer is constantly adapted according to the sales performance and brands push to reduce the time to market, starting with quick packaging delivery.

Converter challenges


The liquid packaging industry is very promising but it is also extremely demanding. More difficult technical challenges must be kept up in less time, without any compromise on profitability for a long-term business approach.

Some of the challenges for the converters:

  • Manage ultra-precision creasing for 100% leakage proof bricks
  • Control cutting quality, mid-cut and 100% cut
  • Meet the printing quality even on PE layers, including perfect color matching and consistency
  • Manage shorter runs and adapt to design changes
  • Manage recycled cartonboard uneven characteristics
  • Meet shorter delivery targets with 100% good blanks or rolls

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