DIE-CUTTING solutions

Choose quality AND speed with the Komori-Chambon rotary die-cutting systems whatever the cardboard characteristics.

Our expertise is unique: benches, cassettes and tools are designed and manufactured by Komori-Chambon for the best control and ease of use.

Rotary die-cutting benefits:

  • Speed
  • No nick point
  • Inline stripping
  • High configuration flexibility, inline and offline
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Higher register accuracy

Komori-Chambon strengths:

  • Expertise in most demanding industries, up to 450 m/mn
  • All technologies available (solid, segmented, shell, magnetic)
  • Outstanding precision and durability of tools
  • Best in class cardboard tension control

Komori-Chambon expertise

  • 100% design and manufacture


    Komori-Chambon offers benches, cassettes and tools.

    Combine them for the best efficiency and ease of use.

    We can assist you as well on selected sections of solutions.


  • Quality and durability


    Frames, format parts and tools show that there is no compromise on quality.

    Their top-level durability can be further-extended through resharpening and refurbishing.


  • True taylormade design


    The infinitely variable repeats guarantee the best answer to your needs.

    Push the limits of precision and deliver perfect blanks, without nickpoints.

  • High speed


    The cutting stage will no longer be the bottleneck of your production flow.

    Enjoy a record 450 m/mn speed, whatever the cardboard type.

Production flow insights

  • The tools are prepared offline so that the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is maximum.
  • Simple and fast settings are proceeded for an instantaneous and stable production quality.
  • Very quick installation of the tools onto the production line.
  • The embossing can be separated or combined with the creasing and cutting stations.
  • It is then the first out of usual 3 stations.
  • An infeed unit regulates the web flow between the printing and the converting stages.
  • A high precision creasing is crucial for an efficient folding and filling process
  • The liquid packaging industry is extremely demanding in terms of accuracy.
  • The bricks must remain perfectly sealed.
  • Komori-Chambon has built a very strong knowledge in inline creasing
  • Perfect cutting at high speed, up to 450 m/mn is allowed by the rotary die-cutter
  • 100% cut or half cut, standard cartonboard or PE coated : the tools are adapted to the substrate (single knife – crush cut or twin knives – scissors cut)
  • The cylinders also follow your versatility targets and ease of operation, from solid (monobloc) to segmented, shell or magnetic types.
  • A sheeting process can be considered thanks to a sheet-cutting tool integrated inline.
  • The stripping stage is key in the customers acceptance and satisfaction
  • To avoid the usual speed loss and jam risks, the design and precision must be high-level
  • Available in inboard or outboard (separated) configuration
  • Available in single blank or multi-blanks versions
  • For maximum versatility, the RDC can include a cross-section cutting function with variable repeat
  • No need to modify the regular installation. The web will by-pass the cutting station and be transfered to the slitter
  • The production can be handled seamlessly whatever the converting operations.



Available configurations


For an optimized production flow, the rotary die-cutter (RDC) is installed inline.

The RDC can be fitted after a Komori-Chambon printing line or after an OEM equipment.

The inline set-up avoids any flow interruption


The rotary die-cutter is installed right after the unwinder and is fed by a printed roll.

The embossing, creasing and cutting stages are done (in whole or in part) offline.

A delivery solution can be added downstream.




  • Substrate type
    Paper, Cartonboard
  • Substrate characteristics
    Up to 600 gsm / 34 points
  • Max production speed
    450 m/mn (1480 ft/min)
  • Operating width
    650-720 mm (26-28") = cassette / 850 mm (34") and more = roll-in roll-out
  • Repeat range
    75 to 1300 mm box length (3 to 51 in)

Usual options

  • Cylinder type selection:
  • One-piece (solid)
  • Segmented
  • Shell
  • Magnetic