Our products are the tools of your success

Tailormade design & integration

Everything starts with your production plans and your constraints. The solution you need can hardly be found off-the-shelf.

Komori-Chambon has gathered a unique expertise in designing holistic solutions, based on a thoughtful design of key functions and a careful integration of all peripherals.

You will reach the maximum efficiency with a full production line defined by our design office.

We can as well offer modules to be integrated into an existing line.

Our products combine proven technologies, up-to-date refinements and a custom-made configuration.

State-of-the-art manufacturing

A smart design is useless if the production quality is not there. Komori-Chambon manufactures its own frames and tools for a constant precision and a durable quality. Running at high speeds requires a great stability and a perfect control of all parts all along production lines which can reach a length of 70 meters.

Best materials, strict manufacturing processes and stringent quality control prevail in the production of every Komori-Chambon machine. Not only do our products allow top performance. They also guarantee an unrivalled durability of such performance, especially thanks to resharpening and refurbishing programs.

Trouble-free performance

Our machines are easy to use because the quality of your production cannot depend on how skilled and experienced your operators are.

A full line can be driven from the control desk after easy pre-settings, thanks to automated functions, ergonomic operations and with carefully monitored safety parameters.

4.0 native, our machines allow distant control and instantaneous production analysis. The supervising program also includes preventive maintenance data.


Should your needs evolve over time, the modular design of our solutions leaves the door open to any upgrade.