Onsite assistance

You are facing an incident which cannot be solved via remote services?

Get the support of our technicians directly at your site and go back to your highest productivity as soon as possible.


is obviously crucial for your activity.
Our machines are designed for extremely high utilization rate.

Added value

can be reached via special services offered by  our technicians

360° assistance

Our production lines are designed and manufactured to reach top quality levels without any compromise on speed. The Komori-Chambon service team is highly qualified to identify and solve any incident on any section of the line.

Special services

Troubleshooting is just one aspect of our services. Our technicians are also there to guide your operators to make full use of the potential of our machines.


We offer training as soon as the commissioning and all along the lifetime of your machine.

Service visits

In case of difficulties exeprienced in a specific field, take advantage of the presence of 1 technician during 3 days and reach your targets.

Extensive audits

If you want to make sure that your machine is still in perfect condition or if you want to further boost an area, a dedicated team can spend 1 week onsite and determine the appropriate actions.