Komori Corporation

Our mission at Komori

Ever since our company was founded in 1923, the Komori Group has sought to contribute to society and culture by manufacturing printing presses. The first decade of the 21st century has already passed. At a furious pace, change is transforming not only social conditions but also the entire environment surrounding the printing industry. Now is the time to renew our commitment to using every power at our disposal to make progress, one step at a time. Our ideal of being a company that inspires customer Kando is the philosophy that will illuminate the course ahead.

Listening carefully to the views of customers. Endeavoring to provide the finest services by viewing print from the user’s perspective. And offering products and technologies that are the best solutions. By working diligently and wholeheartedly, Komori believes that we can achieve true brand value as an enterprise that offers Kando.

Now, as in the past, Komori will make every effort to be a company that inspires customer Kando through creative activities that originate with our customers.

Products and solutions

Komori Corporation designs and builds various presses either in Offset or digital processes.

The activity is structured as follows :

  • Offset printing presses :
  • sheet-fed, webfed (commercial printing)
  • Digital Printing Systems (DPS)
  • Security Printing Presses
  • Printed Electronics

Komori also offers software solutions to automatize the production flows, reduce waste and optimize the production control (KP-Connect, KHS-AI). Such solutions are part of a global program named PESP (Print Engineering Service Provider).


Komori-Chambon SAS is a Komori Corporation entity specialized in the packaging industry with complementary products and technological transfers from Komori.

Key figures (2019)





2 335




(1 Komori-

Yoshiharu KOMORI

Board chairman


Representative Director, President and CEO


Director and Executive Operating officer KOMORI (also President of Komori-Chambon SAS)


Laurent BINCE

Komori-Chambon SAS CEO

Komori-Chambon SAS is a Komori Corporation subsidiary