Boosting performance

Seize opportunities to optimize your production and get the most out of your investment.
We can help your teams optimize their work.
Your machine can be upgraded with new functions or up-to-date components.


Must be shared between our technicians and your operators


Can be maintained over time and even boosted


The quality of your production depends on multiple factors. The settings and tools of your machines must integrate variable parameters such as the substrate and inks characteristics. Your production is also influenced by the environment of your plant.
Komori-Chambon technicians train operators for an easy and efficient work, as soon as the commissioning of the machine, and at any time during the machine’s lifetime.
Training new operators is fruitful and it helps you achieve the best quality and top productivity in a minimum of time.

Machine upgrade

A Komori-Chambon machine is a long term investment which can be optimized in many ways over time.
Technical improvements can make the machine even easier to use, quicker, or better connected. Automation is evolving particularly fast (PCs, PLCs, data collection….).

Upgrades can also include new functions like the addition of a printing unit or the installation of a rotary die-cutter or a delivery stacker.


Komori-Chambon proposes different types of audit, with the same goal: make your life easier and your production more efficient.
Audits are not troubleshooting but optimization actions. If you want to improve a specific area or if you see that your performance has decreased, our technicians come at your site and can spend just a few days or up to two weeks.