Competence Center

The KCube

The brand new premises, which were inaugurated in October 2020, were organized in order to reflect the deep customer orientation of Komori-Chambon.

The Komori-Chambon Competence Center was designed to “Connect People and Technologies”. This is not just a phrase. This is our motto. What drives us at Komori-Chambon is sharing mutual success through solutions which we customize and build specifically for one customer.


The Competence Center was given a unique name : KCUBE.

Each component of the KCUBE integrates a unique character which combines the initials of Komori and Chambon.



The WorKCshop is our 2 500 sqm Demo Center.

In this space, we organize technical demonstrations in all production stages : printing, rotary die-cutting and delivery.

Offset, gravure and flexo units are tested in this large and modern building.





Our training center is named aKCademy.

It allows training sessions in the building which hosts the Demo Center. It overlooks the presses on which practical training sessions are realized.


Customer KCare

The KCUBE also hosts the teams who ensure all remote service operations.

Our technicians have access to the worKCshop demo center and to specific technical facilities where any solution can be tested.