DELIVERY solutions

Achieving high speed in the delivery without any compromise on quality is a key profitability factor.The blanks delivery process comprises several steps where top precision is required.

As the first step of the delivery process, the transfer extracts the blanks (cut and devoid of waste) from the rotary die-cutter and ensures their longitudinal separation for an individual handling. The spreader then routes the blanks into separate flows running in parallel, with the possibility to eliminate any defective unit (diverter function). The blanks are shingled and conveyed towards the stacker.
Finally the blanks are stacked according to a predefined quantity and height, ready to be palletized.

The diversity in shapes, substrates and weight of the blanks implies a great customisation from the transfer to the stacker.

Main Applications

Komori-Chambon expertise

  • Comprehensive know-how


    Komori-Chambon designs taylormade solutions for each delivery step.

    We provide either full delivery sections or separated modules which we integrate into your production line.

  • High speed production


    450 m/mn is the new speed standard defined by Komori-Chambon, with flawless stacks ready to ship.

    Boost your productivity.

  • Extreme versatility


    Heat not Burn blanks, bricks or pizza boxes : Komori-Chambon gathered a long experience allowing a total control whatever the blank type.

  • Maximum output


    Our delivery solutions are designed for an intensive use 365 days per year.

    The optional palletizers will allow you to further push the limits.

Production flow insights

  • The blanks which have just been cut and stripped are separated longitudinally. In liquid packaging applications, the blanks are partially cut and separated by the transfer module
  • They are transfered from the rotary die-cutter to the spreader for the next steps
  • Depending on the application, the transfer module can integrate various equipments such as flap breakers, vacuum belts or a non-overlapping configuration.
  • The blanks are separated transversely by the spreader and are guided into parallel flows
  • The spreader also allows the sorting and the evacuation of faulty blanks thanks to a 2-way blanks management.
  • The stacker is then managed bycan handle individual flows (up to 10)
  • Several configurations are available for an efficient control of any type of blank (kickers, slow-down function…)
  • The ejected blanks form a shingle along each flow on a first conveyor
  • The blanks are counted and precisely handled according to adjustable parameters defined for the shingle (gap between blanks)
  • The progress of each shingle is controlled along the second conveyor according to the stack creation and evacuation
  • The blanks are dropped at the end of the second conveyor into the stacker
  • Jogger bars ensure neat stacks
  • When the stack is complete (complying with the predefined number of blanks and height), it is pulled down by the lift and evacuated onto the final conveyer belt
  • The next shingle which was put on hold on the second conveyor is then released for the next stack.


Available configurations


In a full inline configuration, the delivery is installed right after the rotary die-cutter following itself the printing section.

This configuration allows the highest productivity, without any flow interruption.

The delivery solution can be installed as a whole, or split in various modules (transfer or stacker only).

The installation can be realized after OEM equipment.


The Komori-Chambon delivery modules can be installed offline after a rotary die-cutter or a web platen.


  • Substrate type
    Paper, paperboard or laminated board
  • Substrate characteristics
    Up to 600 gsm / 34 points
  • Max production speed
    450 m/mn (1480 ft/min)
  • Blank dimensions
    75 to 1300 mm (3 to 51 in.)
  • Number of streams
    Up to 10

Usual options

  • Diverter
  • Motorized conveyor
  • Automatic palletizer
  • Independent flow management
  • Kickers, slow-down, flap breakers…