DELIVERY solutions

Manage blanks at high speeds, whatever their layout and dimensions or cardboard specifications.

Komori-Chambon designs and manufactures tailor-made solutions from A to Z: transfer, spreader, shingling and stacking.

Deliver 100% good blanks with an optional diverter coupled with an optical inspection device.

Optimize your production with automated palletization systems as option.

Komori-Chambon advantages:

  • Maximum control and customizable delivery parameters (number of blanks, pile height) up to 450 m/mn
  • Independent streams management and optional independent lifts (Multilift system) combined with diverter
  • Custom design by application and blank characteristics thanks to longstanding experience
  • Flexible configuration (inline installation after Komori-Chambon or OEM die-cutter / offline after platen die-cutter…)

Main Applications

Komori-Chambon expertise

  • Comprehensive know-how


    Komori-Chambon designs taylormade solutions for each delivery step.

    We provide either full delivery sections or separated modules which we integrate into your production line.

  • High speed production


    450 m/mn is the new speed standard defined by Komori-Chambon, with flawless stacks ready to ship.

    Boost your productivity.

  • Extreme versatility


    Heat not Burn blanks, bricks or pizza boxes : Komori-Chambon gathered a long experience allowing a total control whatever the blank type.

  • Maximum output


    Our delivery solutions are designed for an intensive use 365 days per year.

    The optional palletizers will allow you to further push the limits.

Production flow insights

  • The blanks which have just been cut and stripped are separated longitudinally. In liquid packaging applications, the blanks are partially cut and separated by the transfer module
  • They are transfered from the rotary die-cutter to the spreader for the next steps
  • Depending on the application, the transfer module can integrate various equipments such as flap breakers, vacuum belts or a non-overlapping configuration.
  • The blanks are separated transversely by the spreader and are guided into parallel flows
  • The spreader also allows the sorting and the evacuation of faulty blanks thanks to a 2-way blanks management.
  • The stacker is then managed bycan handle individual flows (up to 10)
  • Several configurations are available for an efficient control of any type of blank (kickers, slow-down function…)
  • The ejected blanks form a shingle along each flow on a first conveyor
  • The blanks are counted and precisely handled according to adjustable parameters defined for the shingle (gap between blanks)
  • The progress of each shingle is controlled along the second conveyor according to the stack creation and evacuation
  • The blanks are dropped at the end of the second conveyor into the stacker
  • Jogger bars ensure neat stacks
  • When the stack is complete (complying with the predefined number of blanks and height), it is pulled down by the lift and evacuated onto the final conveyer belt
  • The next shingle which was put on hold on the second conveyor is then released for the next stack.


Available configurations


In a full inline configuration, the delivery is installed right after the rotary die-cutter following itself the printing section.

This configuration allows the highest productivity, without any flow interruption.

The delivery solution can be installed as a whole, or split in various modules (transfer or stacker only).

The installation can be realized after OEM equipment.


The Komori-Chambon delivery modules can be installed offline after a rotary die-cutter or a web platen.


  • Substrate type
    Paper, paperboard or laminated board
  • Substrate characteristics
    Up to 600 gsm / 34 points
  • Max production speed
    450 m/mn (1480 ft/min)
  • Blank dimensions
    75 to 1300 mm (3 to 51 in.)
  • Number of streams
    Up to 10

Usual options

  • Diverter
  • Motorized conveyor
  • Automatic palletizer
  • Independent flow management
  • Kickers, slow-down, flap breakers…