Reconditioning programs

Extend your machine’s lifetime
and boost your Return
On Investment thanks to our reconditioning programs


can be maintained
over time with regular tools reconditioning


is maximized through the reconditioning
of machines
and their resulting lifetime extension

Rotary dies resharpening and reconditioning

The quality of the Komori-Chambon cutting tools allows up to 3 resharpening operations. This can be done on-site or in our plant. Resharpened tools guarantee fast and high precision converting jobs.
Complete cassette reconditioning can be proceeded for extra years of serenety and productivity.

Printing cassettes reconditioning

The printing cassettes can be reworked individually or as part of a reconditioning program
which aims at decreasing the unit prices.
The program also enables a reduction of the leadtime. Komori-Chambon provides
a shuttle crate for the shipment of the first cassette.
The following cassettes can be shipped gradually, along 18 months.

Complete machine reconditioning

If your machine is still in line with your production targets but needs to be refurbished, get it reconditioned in our plant. We handle the process from A to Z: from transport to final re-installation at your facility.