Top 5 reasons to choose us


We are packaging Pure Players

We have designed printing and converting machines dedicated to packaging for over 134 years. Our first packaging line was displayed at the same time as the Eiffel tower in 1889 during the Universal Exhibition.

Our credo, for economical reasons as well as for the environment’s sake : reduce the waste, thanks to automation and artificial intelligence.

We equip the most demanding converters and industry leaders with webfed presses all over the world. We have gathered a substantial knowledge throughout our long history but we are always attentive to the challenges ahead of our customers and our cooperation frequently drives us to set new standards.
We do only packaging and we do it right, whatever the industry. Your success is our primary focus.


We design and build future-proof products

The products which we custom design for you come along with the highest levels of productivity, quality, and are user-friendly for the benefit of your production dependability.

Keeping such investments up to date over time is essential to your competitiveness. Therefore, Komori-Chambon offers up-grades on a regular basis so that your production line allows you to reach the maximum yield as well as to seize any new business opportunity.

Solutions to decrease downtime or to improve your quality control are part of the picture.

The average lifetime of our presses exceeds 25 years even in the most severe environments and the largest volumes.


We provide you with extensive support

From the commissioning, the reconditioning or even the relocation of your production line, Komori-Chambon ensures a comprehensive and long-term premium service.

Our teams and service tools are there to help you whenever needed, from a simple advice to a fast customer’s site intervention. The remote technical assistance turns out to be the most efficient way to solve any issue, whether it deals with machine settings, debugging or programming. Service contracts give you full flexibility and easy management.

Training, up-grades and audits give your teams the opportunity to maintain the overall performance on top levels


Rely on Komori-Chambon as your single-stop shop

Komori-Chambon covers one of the widest skills range in the industry. Printing, die-cutting, delivery: we provide modules and full lines.

We design and manufacture all key parts of such lines so that we guarantee fully optimized and reliable flows.
As for the equipment coming upstream or downstream, from unwinders to palletisers, we also make sure that they are perfectly fitting with our machines. This care applies obviously to all components along the line, such as optical quality control, dryers and embellishment solutions.

Moreover, we source and purchase all needed OEM items for you. Any risk of incompatibility is eliminated. You control everything through a single interlocutor.


Get the keys to master the cartonboard

Cartonboard is definitely the mostly recommendable packaging material. Offering a perfect protection of the goods, produced from renewable resources, and showing the highest recyclability ratio, its future is bright.

Yet mastering all types of cartonboard requires lengthy and extensive knowledge. Because many types of cartonboard (SBS, SUS, FBB, PE coated…), virgin or recycled, must be considered and come with their constraints.

Being a living material, cartonboard is also impacted by environmental characteristics such as heat, hygrometry and dust, let alone the stress along the production flow in your press.

Komori-Chambon draws on its expertise in various industries to help you reach your targets whatever the substrate.